remember the day design samples
what is a remember the day?

A *remember the day* is a typographic keepsake piece of art that commemorates a memorable day such as a birth or a wedding. It contains all of the essential information about a special day beautifully laid out in type and color.

A *remember the day*commemorating the birth of a new baby often includes the new baby's first, middle and last names, as well as the birthdate, birth time, weight, and length. We can get creative and add even more information such as the parents' names, the hospital name, and the city and state of birth.

A wedding *remember the day* often contains the bride and groom's name, their last name, the wedding date, the ceremony and reception site, and the city and state. However, we can get as creative as you want and include even more information; perhaps you'd like to include the time of the wedding, the first song, where the bride and groom met, or a note about who was there (i.e. "surrounded by friends and family").

The point is to remember YOUR day, and the possibilities of what we can include on your *remember the day* are only limited by what you want to include. Take a look at my finished pieces to get some ideas about what you'd like to include and which typeface and color palette you want to use!

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