In the Customer's Home: Large Format REMEMBER the day™

Although not listed in our shop, we can do larger sizes of REMEMBER the days™. For our fine art prints, 8x10" is our standard size and this size is perfect for easily finding a frame, displaying among family photos or on a print wall, and fits most needs well. Our standard size canvas is 12x12" with a 1.5" deep gallery edge. Again, this size fits well in most situations.

Sometimes you might need a BIGGER REMEMBER the day™ for some reason, like in the photo above from a customer. Cara wanted a poster-sized REMEMBER the day™ so that the piece would be more of a focal point in the room. She choose the Skitch typeface and we created a custom color palette to match her eclectic space (namely, that gorgeous vintage rug). Cara also opted for a simpler REMEMBER the day™ ... instead of including all the usual information, she wanted only names, date, and city/state. The result is a perfect poster-like REMEMBER the day™.

If you are interested in a large format print or canvas, contact us to discuss your project and to get pricing.