Children and Wills

Having children is such a magical time in life, and for some it marks the start of a family. When you hear the news that you are expecting, you get so caught up in buying clothes, diapers, food, furniture, and decorating and planning. Getting caught up in all the excitement can mean that you forget something equally, if not more important, and this is updating (or creating) a will to include you children/future children.

It is estimated that only around 30% of adults with dependant children have a will, meaning that 70% of parents don’t have a will. Although it may seem morbid to consider, it is important. 

Having a will for your children/future children means you can designate who you want as guardians for your children, should the worst happen. This means you can have your say, and this could stop any family disputes that could arise. You can also decide how you want your assets, and inheritance sorted. You may decide you want your children to keep certain items or assets, or that they can't access assets until they reach a certain age. By including unborn/future children, you can "future proof" your will to include any and all children you have, to save you from having to update it each time, which can save you both time and money.

If you don’t have a will, you essentially don’t have a say on what happens after you pass. Maybe you want you children to be looked after by certain grandparents, you only want them to have access to  inheritance upon a certain birthday, etc. Without a will you don’t have a voice, and this could lead to all sorts of complications, prolonging the emotional time for your families and loved ones.

Wills are not necessarily difficult to create and you can buy kits or do them online for free; although this isn’t advised, as a will is a legal document, and any error could cause big issues. It is best to get the help from a local lawyer who will have extensive knowledge of last will and testaments and local laws.

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